In the beginning of June 2020, Vegoshi opened a new restaurant in the Kluuvi shopping mall in the centre of Helsinki. Vegoshi is part of the new restaurant floor in Kluuvi called Kluuvi Kitchen.

Vegoshi is the first restaurant in Finland to offer plant-based, healthy Asian food. The menu includes dishes such as bowls, dumplings, sushi and summer rolls. Vegoshi’s first restaurant was opened in Vaasa in spring 2018 and it quickly found a group of dedicated regular customers.

“Although we make healthy food, we never compromise on the taste, which I believe is one of our success factors,” Hoang Le says.

Antony Pastiroff from Kluuvi property owner Cavendo explains why they chose Vegoshi as one of four restaurants for the new Kluuvi Kitchen concept:

“More and more people are moving toward a plant-based lifestyle and it has also been identified as a major food industry trend. We will see even more well-known restaurant chains and popular dining establishments adopt a more vegan-friendly menu in the near future. Having a diverse offering such as Vegoshi in Kluuvi helps us to expand our customer base and hopefully keep each and every customer satisfied.”