Vegoshi’s story

When Vegoshi founder Hoang Le moved from Vietnam to Finland to study, she soon found herself asking the same question: Why is Asian food served in Western countries so heavy? Why is it mainly deep-fried and anything but healthy? 

Hoang decided to create a different concept according to the way she wanted to eat herself. By picking the healthiest and tastiest plant-based dishes from each Asian cuisine she created Vegoshi’s unique menu. In addition Hoang wanted to build a brand that stands for minimizing food waste and plastic waste.

The first Vegoshi restaurant opened in Vaasa in 2018 and quickly found a group of dedicated regular customers. In 2019, Vegoshi was hand-picked to open a new restaurant in the renewed Kluuvi shopping mall in Helsinki city centre. At the same time, Hoang made the hard decision of closing down the Vaasa restaurant in order to be able to fully concentrate on the new Helsinki restaurant. Vegoshi now aims at opening more new restaurants in Helsinki in the near future.

“I have always loved cooking and especially cooking vegan. However, my biggest asset when creating Vegoshi has been my studies in logistics and business management. My passion for calculations and business development is just as big as my passion for cooking.”

Hoang Le, Vegoshi founder


“I had been a dedicated Vegoshi customer at the Vaasa restaurant for some time when Hoang one day approached me and asked if I perhaps wanted to become her mentor. We met that same evening and talked for three hours. After that, we decided I would not only be a mentor, but a board member and co-owner as well.

Engaging in Vegoshi was an easy decision, because I have loved this concept from day one. What I like most is that Vegoshi never compromises with the taste, although the food is so healthy.”

Anna Jeanne Söderlund, Vegoshi Co-owner


To be the first and biggest restaurant chain in Finland serving healthy Asian plant-based food. In the future, we aim at expanding to other Nordic countries as well.


We offer people an easy way to eat healthy food that is so delicious they won’t even notice it’s healthy.